Can you get banned from Chatroulette?

The website Chatroulette created by the 17-year-old, Ternovskiy, as mentioned before, is just an alternative platform for social networking, mainly video chatting. However, as was an open to all platform initially, it did not have any concept of registering the user’s identity or account creation.

Thus, it did not secure the privacy of users. As a result of which obscene, pornographic content became a common display on the website upon loading it. This was then countered by introducing a registered account system wherein the user has to provide a username, password, and email address under the mandatory field. Other entries include an ‘about you’ description, date of birth, age, hobbies, etc. Even a profile picture can be set as per the user’s wish to display it along with the username.


Hence, a profile had to be created in order to access the website Chatroulette. Even then, it was common to find someone apparently naked, exposing themselves, or engaging in a sexual act, once in every eight spins and at least twice a day. Upon this, the user was enabled to report an account whenever needed. If reported three times, the message-‘three people in the last 5 minutes did not like what you broadcasted and that’s why you lost the game. You have been blocked for 40 minutes- is displayed.

In conclusion, you cannot be banned from Chatroulette. However, a block of 40 minutes per three reports can be implied. Although, there is no matter of a permanent ban from Chatroulette, the user who has been reported can continue with his or her account after forty minutes if banned. Thus, it is a temporary ban only and no serious action is taken against the user causing a nuisance.


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