Can you use Chatroulette on iPhone?

Chatroulette is a website that is only accessible from a computer or laptop. Thus, this rules out smartphones in general when it comes to using Chatroulette. It requires a wide VPN network with the internet of considerable bandwidth. As there is no application developed for Chatroulette, the social network is not feasible on any smartphone or tablet.

As an alternative, there are several applications that serve the purpose of iPhone users. These include Omegle, chatrandom, MeowChat, Chatous, Fav talk, SLOWLY, Mixsii, etc. Chatroulette alternatives include Random Chat apps and Random Video chat apps or Video Calling apps.


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The closest in resemblance to Chatroulette is the Omegle. It allows users to video chat, send texts, comment, and perform voice calls over wifi and mobile data irrespective of the device. These applications are compatible with every smartphone and do not risk the security of the user. They are completely friendly and do not cause any kind of disruption to the device such as freezing the screen or redirecting to other sites or unnecessary, inappropriate advertisements, etc. The users are in safe hands and do not have to worry about any breaches on grounds of privacy.

Some apps such as SLOWLY have an old-school touch to making conversations with a stranger. It lets users meet pen friends from their respective smartphones. They are allowed to match with someone that shares their passion, interests, hobbies, or profession and write a letter and collect stamps from around the world. The innovative idea in this application is that just like in the retro era, only one letter at a time can be sent to a friend by the user.

In conclusion, Chatroulette is only for computers but the alternatives that closely resemble it are popular when it comes to iPhone users. However, no user has mentioned any of those alternatives to be better or the same as Chatroulette with respect to content, features, or easy accessibility. Hence, the answer is no, you cannot Chatroulette on iPhone.

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