Do people still use Chatroulette?

Yes, people are still fond of Chatroulette and use it. It facilitates a chat room where you are presented with two users as options. Upon choosing one user, you are allowed into the chat room where you and the chosen user come face-to-face digitally. In presence of a working microphone, users converse verbally.

However, texting through the Chatbox available in the chat room is always an option. If the conversation does not appeal to any of the users, they are free to exit the current chat by initiating another random connection.


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As chat rooms are still quite popular and talking to strangers in general and for the purpose of dating is quite common, Chatroulette still is a widely used social networking platform. In February 2010, 35000 users were active on Chatroulette. At the beginning of march, the number exponentially increased to 1.5 million users.

It is completely safe as you are allowed to block any user who you are not comfortable with. However, it still remains a platform of erotic content and may connect you with R-rated materials which is why an age restriction was imposed. Only those who are eighteen and above years of age are eligible to enter the platform of Chatroulette.

A significant minority of pranksters or perverts are present who can reflect their bold, brazen and malicious activities, which surpass the filter technology and moderation and may prove mentally disturbing to some users who are faint-hearted. Hence, it is a matter of importance to ensure that children or faint-hearted people are not part of the Chatroulette community.

Post-COVID-19, the number of users of Chatroulette has doubled in response to new product changes in the spring of 2020. Thus, Chatroulette is yet a widely used platform with a twist for the adult world.


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