Do you agree with the general opinion that dating apps are changing the way that people meet and date?

Yes, First, dating apps have a lot more users than online dating sites. In the last few years, the online dating industry has been booming. This means that there are more people using online dating services and dating apps than there are people meeting people offline.
Despite this, there is still a strong stigma against people using dating apps. Many people find them creepy, and there is the perception that people who use dating apps are only looking to get dates, not serious relationships. These stigmas impact the way people use dating apps.

For example, people are unlikely to share many details about their lives or their preferences on a dating app. Instead, they tend to look for people that they are interested in, and then message them. This is a different approach to online dating, where people put up detailed profiles and await messages. Lastly, dating apps allow people to create fake profiles, profiles with fake photos, and bots that can send messages. This can cause a lot of heartbreak.

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