Do you think that dating apps have made dating easier, given that you are only obligated to talk to the person if you find them attractive?

Definitely, dating apps have been a huge and positive impact on dating. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are super convenient and can make dating less awkward and stressful. Because of apps, people have fewer first dates. People can now find potential matches who they could potentially have a relationship with. This saves time for people and allows them to meet people they potentially wouldn’t meet otherwise. It also saves time for the person trying to get a date. With apps, you don’t have to spend time texting back and forth or wasting time at places that don’t interest you. Instead, you can look through the profiles and filter people out based on your interests.

I think dating apps have made it harder. Some dating sites encourage people to give the impression that they think they’re better than the people they meet, but dating apps have a different issue. Many users are only willing to date people that aren’t attractive.
Users aren’t willing to date people that are more attractive than them because they fear being rejected. No one wants to be rejected, and dating apps encourage users to evaluate potential dates by how attractive they are. I believe that dating apps have made dating hard because people are more selective about who they date. Tinder, for example, encourages users to swipe right if they’re interested in the person, and swipe left if they’re not interested in the person. The users aren’t swiping right if they are only interested in the person if they’re at least moderately attractive.

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