Chatroulette is a free video chat site that randomly connects users to strangers around the world. Using webcams, users can chat (and hear one another), watch streaming video, and look at other users’ profiles. Unlike similar sites, Chatroulette uses real Webcams, so there’s no lag time.

how chatroulette works

Chatroulette or Video Chatroulette is a website that allows you to have a live video chat with random people. This is unlike Omegle, which has people move around freely and talk to you in different languages, and Camfrog or Camzap, which allow you to send private messages. With Chatroulette, you are randomly given a random stranger who asks you to video chat with them. You answer their question, then they start video chat with you. You live video chat with them for as long as you want to. The conversations are fun and interesting.

chatroulette how to use

With Chatroulette, there is no /status or /block button, so you must be very careful who you talk to. You need to make sure your screen display shows (a) a user’s name and (b) their webcam. If you see either of the two first things, type /speak. If you see the second thing, type /name. You then get to talk one-to-one with this person (or up to 10 others if your video is picked up).

chatroulette how to enter

There are two basic ways to access chatroulette. The first way is through a web browser. Simply type in in your web browser. You will be prompted to choose a language, which is initially set to English by default.

how many chatroulette are there

In 2006, there were a total 357 million registered users. There are now about 500,000 registered users daily.

how to unban chatroulette

You can unban yourself from chatroulette by going online and using the /stopcommand. You can get your access back by using /confirmcommand. If you don’t get the confirmation back, you can email and request that they unban you.

how to pronounce chatroulette

There are two distinctive sounds in “chatroulette.” The one you hear most is “ca-troo-let-leh”. The other characteristic of the word is “-lette.” You pronounce it as “-il-te.” “Chatroulette” is pronounced “CHAT-r-o-let-leh”.

how to create chatroulette website

First, create an account with chatroulette ( and set up a username. Make sure you create a username that is easy to spell and remember. Your username will have to be unique, so avoid words that could be offensive or easily confused. Next, it’s time to set up your camera. Once your account is set up, click on “Settings” and then “Camera” to select your camera. You can pick a webcam from your desktop or take one with your cell phone. Once you load the camera, click “Start Live Video” and you’re off!

how to unblock chatroulette

In order to unblock chatroulette you need to verify that you are at least 18. To do this, go to the right top corner of the chatroulette page and click the settings icon. In that same menu, you should see a tab that says “What is your age.” Click that tab, and then type in your age. When it says that you are over 18, you should be able to access the chatroulette site without a problem.

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