How do you think dating apps have changed the way people date?

Dating apps are a relatively recent innovation. Before dating apps, people who wanted to date their co-workers, neighbours, or friends had to go out in public. This became an issue when there were people of different ethnicities, religions, or backgrounds.
Dating apps allow people to avoid these issues by meeting new people behind the safety of a screen. Users of dating apps can put their preferences, such as sexual preferences or religion, in their profiles. This allows people to find a date based on their preferences.
Finally, dating apps have made it possible for people to date long distances. Many people use dating apps to find dates for vacations or to attend events.

Dating apps have changed the way people date, especially young people. People don’t often meet in person anymore, instead meeting online or through a dating app. This helps shy people socialize and talk to people they normally wouldn’t have met. Before dating apps, people could only meet in person through friends, or at bars or parties. Dating apps make meeting new people easier.
Dating apps have also helped people date people who are very different from themselves. Before dating apps, people usually dated people who were just like them. Most people only dated within their own race or religion, and people who didn’t look or act exactly like them were rarely considered for a date. Dating apps help people date people outside their race, culture, religion, or social class.
Dating apps have also changed the way relationships work. Before dating apps, relationships were usually much more traditional. People dated for a couple of years, they got married, had kids, and lived together. Dating apps have made relationships more casual. People can easily date outside their relationship without feeling guilty, and break up easily if it doesn’t work out. This has made dating much more casual.

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