Is Chatroulette Legal?

Chatroulette is basically a social networking website where people from a corner of the world can communicate with someone who is in another corner of the world say, strangers or outsiders. What happens here is both partners can choose their partner and start their conversation through webcam, audio chat, and normal chat.

Anyway between the conversation a user can freely leave the chat and any random user can join at that time instantly. There is no need for users to explain why they want to end a conversation with others. It is one of the most liked websites when it comes to video chat and texting. Its main motto is to enjoy, and chat without knowing them, and make them friends.


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Chatroulette is completely legal with some entirely valid restrictions regarding age and offense. It has an age restriction of 18, users under 18 should never use this website. If the user has made any offensive action on the site then it’s clearly against the rules and regulations.

The user can freely report the user if experiences of any type of harassment or illegal activities. If the same user is reported by three different users then his/her account will be banned temporarily.

Illegal activities are not allowed in Chatroulette. And thus if a user tries to violate the rules and regulations, they get reports from the website. This particular website is designed just for entertainment and fun, thus anyone found misusing it or taking advantage of its features then it won’t be tolerable. Chatroulette is a widely used chatting site. And still, now it is increasing its user as it is a website where you can overcome your boredom by talking with a random person from the whole world at any time.

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