Is Chatroulette Safe To Use?

Chatroulette app got its position in the world of social networking sites a decade ago. The motive was just a thought to video chat with random strangers and enjoy fun, casual conversations with people from everywhere in the world.

From the thought behind introducing this app, it may sound friendly and entertaining, but it has some flaws an also. Although Chatroulette was advertised and promoted as a fun, safe thanks to meet new people, like other similar chat portals, but became a mature playground for various cases of abuse.

The flaws include cyberbullying, online scams, etc, and thus this app eventually evolved into a way more mature platform where many users of the site use it inappropriately for sexually explicit content or target people for scams.


Some warnings mentioned on the Chatroulette website include:-

It is feasible for a person to record your webcam. Few people blackmail others by taking a record of their actions and chats. One should be alerted of these scammers and thus they are requested to not do anything on the website which can be used against them in the future.

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One can freely report the user who had done any mischief. And if a person gets more than three reports then his/her account will be banned temporarily. Again the user can leave the chat anytime they want by accepting any random chat link.

Chatroulette inspired a bunch of other similar portals, and its security is questionable, to mention the least in comparison to any other alternative option of Chatroulette as it has separate sections for adult chat, or requires age confirmation.

It’s not possible to declare it a safe or unsafe app as its safety completely depends on the user. Again if the user experiences any type of harassment or offensive activity then they can report that user. And if any particular user gets 3 reports then his/her account will be banned temporarily.

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