Is Chatroulette Still Around?

Yes, Chatroulette is still around us and it is still used by people.

In this particular app, two users can chat in a particular chat room. While chatting if a user allows any other user then only he/she can chat with him or can see each other’s face.

Users can even talk using a fully functional microphone. In case users have some problem with the microphone of his/her particular system then still chatting is the option that is always available. Again if the user is not much interested to have chat with any particular user then he/she can simply leave the chatroom initiating the random connection.

Chatroulette is quite famous as chatting is quite a popular way to talk with strangers and to communicate with them. That’s the only reason behind  Chatroulette being used as a widely used communication platform.


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The user is completely allowed to block any user if he/she is feeling uncomfortable with that particular user. However, this site is age restricted as there’s always remains a chance of showing erotic content on this site. And for this reason, only people or above 18 yrs age are eligible for the platform of Chatroulette.

But in spite of all restrictions, some people still find success in their malicious activities. Above all, if anyone experiences such offensive actions then they can freely report the user, and eventually, if a particular user gets three reports then his/her account gets banned temporarily. Due to those unexpected pranksters, one should ensure that their child is away from such sites.

There are some other sites as well that work like Chatroulette, and they also have some flaws in them. And thus it somehow depends on the user because one can freely leave a chat if he/she is experiencing such offensive behavior.

Thus, Chatroulette is still around us with all that excitement of meeting and having a conversation with people all around the globe.

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